Donation Of Tiller to the DTVE

In Photo L-R: Michker Edwards (Lecturer), Tiara Providence (Agricultural Science & Entrepreneurship student) and Renato Gumbs (Chief Agricultural Officer Ag.)

Our students will now have an easier time preparing soil for the planting of crops as part for their Associate Degree in Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship programme. This comes as the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries recently donated a Meccanica Benassi RL 408 tiller, valued at $10,500 XCD, to be used in our crop area at our DTVE.

Commenting on the donation, Lecturer Michker Edwards, welcomed the donation as it is important that students be exposed to modern practices in agricultural production and that the college provides as best as possible the necessary foundation in and exposure to such practices. In a field such as agriculture, Edwards stressed the importance of hands-on experience, which she sees as beneficial to the development of student-managed enterprises.

Chief Agricultural Officer (Ag) Renato Gumbs, also committed to donating a 1000 gallon water tank to our agricultural programme, which is expected to be delivered this week.

Tillers are used to loosen compact soil by digging and mixing to allow for the planting of crops.