Meeting for CAPE Students and Parents/Guardians

Parents and guardians of DASGS CAPE students, and first and second year students enrolled in the CAPE programme at the DASGS are invited to a meeting on Thursday 8th October, 2015 at 4:30 pm.  This meeting will be convened in the lecture theatres at the SVGCC Villa Campus.  CAPE students are required to register for the CXC CAPE May/June 2016 Exam during the period 12th October - 6th November 2015.   As this registration period approaches, it is important that parents and guardians as well students are fully informed about the registration process, the value of and timelines for the Internal Assessment and other information relevant to the CAPE programme.  The objectives of this meeting are as follows:

  1. To inform parents and students of the structure of the CAPE syllabuses.
  2. To emphasize the value of the Internal Assessment (IA) and the role the parents can play to ensure student compliance.
  3. To inform of the IA timelines and procedures for final submission.
  4. To explain the CAPE registration process,  especially for second year students, to avoid late and erroneous registration.
  5. To allow parents to meet lecturers and vice versa.
  6. To answer any questions parents may have.
  7. To strengthen home/College relations.

We look forward to your presence at and participation in this very important meeting.