SVGCC Graduation Programme Cover Design Challenge 2016

The Office of the Registrar of the St. Vincent and Grenadines Community College is inviting students to submit designs for the 2016 graduation programme cover. This is an opportunity for budding artists and graphic designers to have their work published and be a part of SVGCC history. The details of this competition are as follows:

The dimensions of the design for the front cover are 5.5" width x 11.5" length. The entire dimensions of the programme (i.e. the entire cover when the booklet is opened) are 11" width x 11.5" length.

The front cover design must include:
  The graduation theme: "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself" John Dewey
  The following text:
     St.Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Graduation 2016
     Victoria Park
     2:00 pm
     June 21st

The back of the cover must have the College's official logo in the center of the page. The artist can also credit themselves on this page.

Designs must be submitted to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the subject of the email should be  "Graduation Programme Cover Design Challenge 2016" and the artist's initials. All submissions must be in jpeg format. Deadline for submission of entries is Friday 13th May, 2016.

The winner will see their design featured on the 2016 SVGCC graduation programme cover and on the SVGCC Website. The winner will also receive a prize of either free graduation package or EC$200.

This competition is opened to all currently enrolled students of all divisions of the St. Vincent and Grenadines Community College.