Division of Teacher Education

Dean's Message

Dr. S. Marise Butler, PhD 
Dean, Division of Teacher Education 

Welcome to the Division of Teacher Education!

I am pleased that you have chosen to be a part of the DTE family. Your decision to be a part of the teaching profession indicates your awareness of the importance of well trained teachers to our communities, nation and Caribbean region. Over the next two years you will be exposed to pedagogical theories and perspectives which have guided teachers and educators for decades. In addition, you will participate in current and research-based activities and strategies which will aid you as you prepare for your own classrooms.  Further, you will build collaborative bonds and ties with likeminded individuals who will remain your colleagues and friends for a lifetime.

The staff of the DTE is comprised of highly trained individuals whose years of expertise and skills were gained in Universities around the world and honed through years of experience. They are here to guide you on your journey to teacher professionalism.  Our full-time staff covers the following disciplines:

  • Science - Mr. Ian Williams
  • Mathematics - Mrs. Samantha Porter and Mrs. KhadineBlack
  • Social Sciences - Dr. Roderick McKree, Mrs. Kendra King-Snagg and Mrs. Debra Laborde
  • Early Childhood - Mrs Ann Dopwell (Vice Dean)
  • English, Literacy and Literature - Mrs. Bernisa Roberts and Dr. S. Marise Butler

Further, our competent adjunct staff offer instruction in other disciplines including: TVET, Foreign Language, Business, Special Needs Education, Art, Music, PE and HFLE.

Given your awareness of the importance of trained teachers to our educational system, I am certain that the hard work and levels of excellence associated with our institution will also become natural and intrinsic aspects of your own philosophy, professional development, and growth.

We are honored to be a part of this experience with you as you prepare to make a positive and lasting impact on all the learners whose lives you will influence.