Division of Teacher Education

Message from the Dean (DTE)

Mrs. Harriette Da Silva
Dr. Harriette Da Silva
Dean of Teacher Education

The Division of Teacher Education formerly known as the “Teachers’ College” is the major training institution for Vincentians who desire to portray best practices in the classroom. Since its opening in 1964, the College has been able to maintain and deliver a high standard of teacher education to the Vincentian population.

In 1964, the first cohort of teachers trained at the college went through an intensive training course which lasted eighteen (18) months. This cohort were in-service teachers from the primary schools, and on completion of their training, they were awarded a certificate in Education from the University of the West Indies.

The time period was then extended to two years, and catered mainly to the primary schools teachers. However, in 1984 the College experimented with its first cohort of secondary students. Four students were enrolled in this programme. Their areas of specialization were limited to the study of Mathematics and English.

In 2003 the College, through the University of the West Indies Cave Hill, was upgraded to offer an Associate Degree in Education syllabus and caters to both in-service and pre-service teachers to be trained in the different programmes of study. These programmes include: Primary Education, Secondary Education, Early Childhood Education and Technical Vocational Education.

The other programmes of study franchised through the University of the West Indies, School of Education, Cave Hill are:

  • The Diploma in Education programme offered every two years. The specialization subjects vary. These subjects are chosen after the registration process; where the need is greatest. This programmme commenced in 2007.
  • The Bachelor in Education programme, offered every four years. The area of specialization is chosen by the College, but is based on needs’ assessment. This programme commenced in 2010.
  • The Masters in Education programme. This programme commenced in 2018.

Our teacher educators/lecturers are highly qualified and their delivery of the programmes offered is always of a very high standard.

Welcome to this prestigious Institution of higher learning.

Our motto: Doce Aut Discede- Learn Teach or Depart

Harriette Da Silva
Dr. Harriette Da Silva (EdD., MA, BA (hons) Cert.Ed)


Brief History of the St. Vincent Teacher's College